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Astan Quds Alavi announced the cancellation of Ghadir International Festival due to Corona

SHAFAQNA- Astan Quds Alavi announced that the Al-Ghadir Festival will not be held this year due to Corona pandemic.

In the past, this festival has included cultural and studious activities, an exhibition of exquisite objects and manuscripts, books, paintings, flowers, and an exhibition of industrial products and handicrafts of Astan Quds Alavi. Also in these festivals, agricultural and animal husbandry products were exposed to the public, and a poetry festival was also held.
Raising the flag of Imam Ali (A.S) in many Iraqi universities and Al-Khatwa Mosque in Basra, with the presence of holy thresholds and many seminary, academic, cultural figures and pilgrims; had been among the other programs of this festival.

It should be noted that for the past eight years, Astan Quds Alavi has been holding an annual festival on the occasion of Eid al-Ghadir, which this year coincides with next Friday.

This news is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English 

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