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Head of Chechen Republic: “I was expecting Nobel Peace Prize but I was boycotted”

SHAFAQNA- The Head of the Chechen Republic stressed that he expected to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her fight against terrorism, but was placed on a US sanctions list for human rights abuses.

The Leader of the Chechen Autonomous Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, in an interview with Russia 1 television channel, jokingly considered himself worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the fight against terrorism and he denied the allegations made by the United States about human rights abuses. The 43-year-old Chechen leader has been in power in the autonomous, Muslim republic since 2007. In this regard, he stated that “Where did I violate human rights? On the contrary, we fight and die in defense of human rights”.

Kadyrov added: “We stopped the war and destroyed international terrorism (in Chechen); I thought I would be awarded the Nobel Prize for defeating terrorism, but they did the opposite and boycotted me; It’s not fair.” The Head of the Chechen Republic stressed that the US decision to boycott him and his family made his relatives laugh. “This action has increased the unity among the citizens of this autonomous republic located in the southwest of Russia”, he added.

Kadyrov also concluded that the United States is powerless to do anything while we have established law and order thanks to Vladimir Putin (President of Russia), and said we live in peace and we are progressing. “1.5 million people (Chechen population) live in peace and we feel at home while at the same time, people are being killed every day in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq under their (US) leadership; Who manages all this?”, he added.

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo released a statement last week that the ministry had sanctioned the Chechen leader for “involvement in blatant human rights abuses” and said in a press that the US State Department has extensive and verified information that Kadyrov had been responsible for a number of blatant human rights abuses including torture and extrajudicial killings.

According to Pompeo’s statement, Washington already has multiple layers of sanctions against Kadyrov and his associates. The latest designation expands those sanctions to Kadyrov’s wife and two daughters, including visa bans. Earlier, the US Treasury Department placed the Chechen leader on its sanctions list, which includes blocking financial accounts in the country and banning its citizens from cooperating with those subject to sanctions.

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