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Ammar Al-Hakim to Yazidis: AU fidelity to homeland is the best response to ISIS terrorism

SHAFAQNA- Ammar Hakim, Head of the “Iraqioon” coalition, called on the Yazidis to be patriotic and adhere to it.

Ammar Hakim tweeted: “On the sixth painful anniversary of the Yazidi genocide, we remember the injustice and oppression that has been inflicted on this group of our dear people.” He added: “We also do not forget the suffering that our Turkmen sisters and daughters endured in “Tal Afar” like the Yazidis. This tragedy exposed the ugly face of ISIS terrorism to the whole world. This crime continues to afflict any awakened conscience and calls for responsible research to investigate its causes.

He added: “I emphasize that targeting Yazidis, in fact, indicates targeting social pluralism in Iraq. We call on international humanitarian organizations to document these massacres.” He also said: “We call on the legislative and executive authorities to work to remove the obstacles to the return of Yazidis and all displaced people and to support them financially and spiritually.” In the end, Ammar Hakim, addressing the Yazidis, pointed out: the best response to ISIS terrorism, are your patriotism and adherence to your homeland and defending of your history and civilization.

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