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The UN delegation called on Baghdad & Erbil to solve Yazidis problems

SHAFAQNA- The UN delegation called on Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the Yazidi problem and said: “We know very well that a solution is available.”

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert , the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Iraq, on Monday called on the two governments of Baghdad and Erbil to solve the problems of the Yazidis and return them to their areas. On the anniversary of the heinous acts perpetrated by the ISIS terrorist group against the Yazidis six years ago, Plasschaert in a statement issued today praised the Yazidis’ resistance to protect their culture and homeland and their diligent efforts to achieve their rights despite the hardships. In this regard, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General urged Baghdad and Erbil to reach an agreement without delay in order to provide a favorable environment for the people of this community to rebuild their lives.

She also added: “In 2014, the ISIS organization attacked Sinjar and caused massacre and many destruction, and in its systematic attack, which was carried out with the aim of destroying, it targeted the Yazidis. Thousands of Yazidis took refuge in the mountains, many of whom were killed, and women and children were abducted and enslaved and subjected to heinous sexual crimes.” Plasschaert continued that many people are still missing. Survivors continue to suffer from these injuries. Women in particular suffer from this stigma and rejection. But the Yazidis who the nightmare of these barbaric crimes has not left them, and despite the political, security and economic challenges they face, are still determined to build a better future.

Plasschaert emphasized: “What gives hope is the determination of a large number of Yazidis who are striving for freedom and justice in their society. But their suffering is not over. The people of Sinjar also suffer from a lack of security and adequate services and a lack of integrated management.” While asking why they should continue to pay the price, she added: “We know very well that sustainable solutions to these problems are available.” The UN Secretary-General’s envoy called on Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the issue immediately and reach an agreement without delay.

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