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Lebanon’s new foreign minister appointed

SHAFAQNA- Charbel Wehbe has been appointed as Lebanon’s new foreign minister.

Charbel Wehbe was elected as the new Lebanese Foreign Minister after a meeting between Prime Minister Hassan Diab and President Michel Aoun. According to the reports, Lebanese sources stated: Michel Aoun and Hassan Diab signed a decree accepting Nassif Hatta’s resignation and a decree appointing “Charbel Wehbe” as the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigrants.

Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hatta officially submitted his resignation this morning (Monday) to Prime Minister Hassan Diab. Hatta stated that the reason for his resignation was to protest against a number of cases. Charbel Wehbe served as Deputy Foreign Minister at a time when Gibran Basil was the Lebanese Foreign Minister, and when his term in the diplomatic mission ended due to reaching the legal age, he was transferred to the Presidential Palace as an advisor to Michel Aoun in Diplomatic affairs.

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