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15th Shawwal : the Martyrdom Anniversary of Hadrat Hamzah (A.S.)


SHAFAQNA-The great hero of Islam and the uncle of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), Hadrat Hamzah (A.S.) was martyred in the Battle of Uhud on 7th Shawwal in 3rd Hijrah.
The Battle of Uhud was one of the battles on which the future of Islam depended. The Battle of Badr laid the foundation of the Islamic state, but the Battle of Uhud was about to destroy the foundation. But Imam Ali (A.S.), the Lion of God with his great bravery saved the life of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and the Kuffars were defeated in their plans.
In appreciation of the bravery of Imam Ali (A) the voice of the angel Jibraeel (A) was heard from above saying, “There is no warrior except Ali; there is no sword except Zulfiqar.”

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