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Probability of Hassan Diab resigning becomes stronger

SHAFAQNA- News sources in Lebanon today (Monday) announced the possibility of the resignation of the country’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, during a telephone conversation with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, informed him that he intends to announce the government’s resignation from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Meanwhile, the Arabic Sky News, quoting Lebanese sources, reported: “Some information about the non-completion of the quorum for today’s meeting of the Lebanese Council of Ministers has been published and Hassan Diab will announce the resignation of the government without holding any meeting.”

According to a news site, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab has contacted Lebanese President Michel Aoun to discuss about the resignation of the government and the current situation.

In another news, the same website wrote: The published information indicates the submission of Hassan Diab’s resignation and the beginning of consultations to introduce “Ambassador Nawaf Salam” to form the new Lebanese government.

The official Lebanese news agency reported: The meeting of the Council of Ministers, which was to be held at the Presidential Palace, will be held in the Prime Minister’s building at three o’clock today (Monday).

Hassan Diab became prime minister last fall following nationwide protests in Lebanon following the resignation of former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri.

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