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“One Shia, One Message” / Let’s create an international identity for Shia Muslims all over the world in Muharram 2020: Suggestions by Dr Abolfazl Fateh to the followers of Imam Hussain’s (AS) movement

SHAFAQNA- As the Month of Muharram approaches, Dr Abolfazl Fateh, the media expert, addressed some aspects of holding the most effective ways of commemorating the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (A.S.) and his loyal companions in the current condition.

Suggestions to the followers of Imam Hussain’s (AS) movement:

Take seriously the message of “One Shia, One Message”

Hussain (A.S.) is our universal language

Let’s change the way we dress and cover, and change the theme of our social media accounts to the topic of Ashura

Designate this Muharram for global Shia bonding/create for Shia a universal language and identity

Here is the full text written by Dr Fateh:

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

Greetings be upon Hussain (AS), and upon (his son) Ali ibn Hussain (AS), and upon the children of Hussain (AS) and the companions of Hussain (AS)

The resurrection of Muharram is close and the sound of “is there any helper to help me” calls all those who love ‘Thaar-Allah’. One of the characteristics of mourning ceremonies is the variety and mixing of them with the traditions of the people of each area, in such a way that these ceremonies can be different even from one district to another; and these formations benefiting from the effects of Hussaini movement have made the traditions of mourning ceremonies active and everlasting. And now beside this atmosphere, by the help of communication technology, the general media and the cyberspace, a capacity has been prepared for international mourning ceremonies.

Considering the conditions of the current year and the transfer of some programmes to the cyberspace, there are steps which can be taken by Shias (every woman, man and youths); whether they have the possibility of taking part in ceremonies in person or join through the cyberspace:

  1. Communicating “all together” at national level; if we believe that ‘Karbala would have remained in Karbala if it was not for the sacrifices of Lady Zainab (SA)’ from the first day to the Day of Ashura, we can be a messenger of Imam Hussain (AS). Apart from covering with black flags and cloth every district, gateways of the houses, inside houses as the old tradition goes; it is appropriate for each of us to have in our clothing a sign of Muharram and mourning for Imam Hussain (AS), from black clothing to other coverings and accessories with the name of Imam Hussain (AS) and his loyal companions as well as other slogans from Hussaini movement. Also turn big, dignified, and targeted campaigns in the cyberspace, every mobile phone, and every account in the social media into a tool and flag to explain and propagate the name and remembrance of Imam Hussain (AS). This campaign will be accomplished with the colour, signs, and slogans of Ashura. Not only some of us, but each one of the Shia Muslims can and is expected to place a greeting to Imam Hussain (AS) and his noble companions in our profiles in the cyberspace, and be creative by utilizing the colour, signs, and slogans of Ashura. Also post everyday at least one message from Ashura or an elegy useful for all (in the form of text, image, or audio, or video) to mutual friends in Iran or in any other country we live in.
  2. Communicating “all together” at international level; the same action (every Shia one Salaam, every Shia one message) can be sent in any international language, especially (Farsi, Arabic, English, Urdu, and Azeri) to friends particularly Shias of other countries from the country we live in. As has been said, if the characteristic of the real programmes is that they must be held in real places, but programmes in the cyberspace can easily be broadcasted internationally. Why our youth cannot have groups which Shias of other countries join them? Why they do not sit and listen to our scholars and why we do not sit and listen to their scholars speaking about Hussaini movement and other important topics for Shias and beyond that? Why we are not accustomed to listen to mourning ceremonies by other Pakistani or Indian or African or European or…brothers? Iraqi, Turks, Kuwaities, Bahrainis, Indians, Zanjanis, Bushehris Hussainias are very necessary and understandable in the real space, but in the cyberspace, why we do not create international Hussainias? In every part of the world which we live in and whatever our nationality, why we do not remember Hussain (AS) with the people of other countries? Shia brothers and sisters wherever we are, why we do not create a Shia language and identity and international and global doctrine? Imam Hussain (AS) is the supreme symbol of struggle against oppression and ‘Hablal Mateen’ of the world’s oppressed and all those who are thirsty for humanity, freedom, justice, ethics, and spirituality in every part of the world. By creating or joining this national or international campaign, we can make this year, the year of Shia bonding and the start of the formation of a great Shia network from any nationality, language for greeting Imam Hussain (AS) and a message for Hussain (AS) in all over the world. Hussain (AS) is the international and global identity and language of Shia and freedom. Every salaam and sincere message, is in conjunction with the same “great resurrection” which is added to its heat and spirituality every day.

Peace and blessings of God be upon you all

Abolfazl Fateh
18th August 2020

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