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Mustafa Adib meets with Lebanese President

SHAFQANA- Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister met with Michel Aoun to discuss the formation of a new government.

Incumbent Prime Minister Mustafa Adib met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Presidential Palace in Beirut on Tuesday.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the formation of a new government and the number of its ministers.
Informed sources said that in this joint meeting, there were ententes on some issues and other things will be discussed in the next meeting.

According to these sources, “rotation” was one of the ideas that was discussed in today’s meeting between Michel Aoun and Adib.

Informed sources said that in the coming days, more meetings will be held between the President and the caretaker Prime Minister, and the structure and type of government, whether it is technocratic, expert or liberal, will be thoroughly examined.
“We are in the consultation phase and I will complete consultations with the other parties (to form a cabinet),” Prime Minister in charge of forming the Lebanese cabinet said after meeting with President Michel Aoun.

According to Lebanese sources, Michel Aoun wants to form a government of 24 ministers without merging the ministries, but Mustafa Adib, who is in charge of forming the cabinet, has proposed a government of 14 ministers.

Mustafa Adib was appointed to form the Lebanese cabinet on September 31 by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, after the resignation of Hassan Diab and after winning a majority of votes in the Lebanese parliament.

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