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Mustafa Adib resigned from the mission to form Lebanese government

SHAFQANA- Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa Adib, who was commissioned by Michel Aoun to form the country’s cabinet, has resigned.

Adib, who was on his way to Baabda Palace today (Saturday) to meet with Michel Aoun, apologized for the formation of the Lebanese cabinet. “I apologize to the Lebanese people. The initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron must continue because it reflects France’s sincere intentions,” he said in a speech at Baabda Palace.

Adib added: “The consensus on which I was commissioned to form the cabinet no longer exists.” Earlier, Lebanese media reported that Mustafa Adib might resign from the formation of Lebanese government. Lebanon’s LBC reported on Wednesday, citing informed sources, that Mostafa Adib, Lebanon’s cabinet chief, is likely to resign from his mission today or tomorrow; Unless France intervenes.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun agreed to Mustafa Adib’s request to step down from the Lebanese cabinet.

The Lebanese presidential office announced the news, adding: “Michel Aoun will take appropriate measures in accordance with the requirements of the constitution.

A statement from Michel Aoun’s office said:
Emad Michel Aoun hosted Prime Minister Mustafa Adib at 11 a.m. today (Saturday) and Adib briefed him on the problems and obstacles facing the cabinet formation process and also submitted a letter of resignation to him.
According to the statement, the president thanked the caretaker Prime Minister for his efforts and agreed to his resignation from the cabinet.

This news is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English

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