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Saudi Arabia: Dozens of religious figures, journalists and activists are still under arbitrary detention

SHAFAQNA- Dozens of religious figures, journalists and  activists are still under arbitrary detention in Saudi prisons with no reasons. Their only guilt is FreeExpression. Prisoners of Conscience, a Twitter account which documents the situation of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, declared that Dr. Hasan Farhan Al-Malki is denied contact with family members since 7 May, 2020. Twitter account reported that Al-Malki is still under arbitrary detention since September 2017 on the grounds of his free thought and expression.

Al Malki was arrested without a warrant amidst a wave of arrests of religious figures, journalists, academics and activists. According to the announcement of this Twitter account, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Fawzan has been in jail with no legal reasons since July 2018, on the grounds of a tweet in which he expressed his opinion.

According to Twitter account Prisoners of Conscious, Samar Badawi is still detained since July 2018 as part of Saudi authorities’ crackdown on human rights defenders. She suffered from health neglect while in prison, which is a common thing in Saudi prisons.

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