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Justice and equality according to the tradition of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)

SHAFAQNA – Talha and Zubiar who could not tolerate Imam Ali’s (AS) justice and egalitarian beliefs, came to see him and said: At the time of Omar’s caliphate our shares from the public purse (Baitul Maal) were more than now. Imam Ali (AS) asked them: Did the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) also divide the public purse equally among the Muslims? They replied: Yes. Imam Ali (AS) asked: Is it better to follow the tradition (Sunnah) of the Prophet (PBUH) or the tradition of Omar?

They replied: Following the tradition of the Prophet (PBUH) is better, but we have characteristics such as background in serving Islam as well as being related to the Prophet (PBUH). Imam Ali (AS) asked: Are your records of serving Islam better than me or your relationship to the Prophet (PBUH) is closer than me? They replied: You have priority in both of these cases. Imam Ali (AS) said: Swear to God, my subordinate and I are equal in benefitting from the public purse, and in dividing the public purse, there is no difference between anyone [1].

[1] Manaqib Aal-e-Abitaleb, Vol. 2, Page 110.

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