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Indian actress quits Bollywood to follow Islam

SHAFAQNA- Young Indian actress Sana Khan has been converting to Islam and she has quit Bollywood. Best known for her appearance in Bigg Boss 6 and Salman Khan’s Jai Ho, Khan has deleted all Instagram photos linking her to showbiz, Geo News reported. According to her, the decision followed days of pondering over the real purpose of her existence.

Calling it her ‘happiest moment’, the actor wrote in her post that the entertainment industry has given her ‘fame’, ‘wealth’ and ‘honor’, but, she added, “for a few days now, I have been possessed of the realization that: Is the real purpose of man’s coming into this world only to chase wealth and fame?” She added, “Therefore, I declare today that from today onwards, I have resolved to say goodbye to my Showbiz lifestyle forever and serve humanity and follow the order of my Creator.

Several Bollywood actresses have abandoned entertainment industry, either for converting to Islam or taking the decision to be more religious, About Islam reported. Award-winning Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim quitted showbiz industry in 2019, saying that working in such an industry constantly interfered with her Iman (faith) and threatened her relationship with her religion.

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