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What is the effect of Haram food on the human being according to Imam Hussain (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Hussain (AS) in his second speech on the Day of Ashura introduced “Haram bite” as one of the main causes of deviation from the right path. The army of Omar Saad which surrounded Imam (AS) and his followers started to cheer by clapping and blowing whistles in order to prevent the people gathered from hearing Imam (AS). Imam Hussain (AS) told them: Woe to you, do you not intend to keep silent in order to listen to me? Yes, due to all the Haram gifts which you have received and because of eating the Haram bites which have filled your stomachs, they all prevent you from listening to the truth [1].

[1] Sokhanane Hussain ibn Ali (AS) az Madinah ta Karbala, Mohammad Sadeq Najmi, Page 245, mentioned from Maqtal Khawrazmi, Vol. 2, PP 7-8.

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