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Mourning ceremony for martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ridha (A.S) held in the presence of Iran’s Supreme Leader

SHAFAQNA- The mourning ceremony on the day of the martyrdom of Imam Ridha (A.S) was held in the presence of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah.

In this ceremony, which was held without the presence of the population due to the observance of health protocols, Hojjatul-Islam Abedini in his speech, emphasizing that the brotherhood and communication among believers is necessary to understand the monotheistic levels, said: From a religious point of view and according to various narrations, self-sacrifice and forgiveness, kindness, alms giving and helping others are among the examples of faithful brotherhood that this relationship is necessary for communication with the Infallible Imams and closeness to God Almighty.

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