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Amnesty calls for rescue of Rohingya Muslims stranded in Aceh waters

SHAFAQNA- The Indonesian authorities must urgently rescue Rohingya people currently adrift off the coast of Aceh. This is a matter of life and death. Indonesia has a chance to lead by example in the region – and simply show humanity, Amnesty International Indonesia’s Executive Director Usman Hamid said.

“We’ve received reports that border patrols have instructions to turn these refugees away.  This is unconscionable. To push the boat back would violate Indonesia’s international obligations. Now that they have been alerted to boats in distress, the authorities must immediately rescue, disembark the passengers, provide them with shelter and ensure their safety”.

“There is no reason Indonesia should lead this refugee crisis alone. There must be shared responsibility among regional countries in order to organise urgent search and rescue and prevent others from facing the same dangers”, Usman Hamid added.

ASEAN countries are failing to come in aid to people who have fled persecution in Myanmar and the hardships of refugee camps in Bangladesh. Rohingya suffering is a regional issue in need of a humane regional response in line with international law.”


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