Date :Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 | Time : 13:40 |ID: 177230 | Print

UN’s acting Libya envoy ‘quite optimistic’ on ceasefire talks

SHAFAQNA- The United Nations’ acting Libya envoy said on Wednesday she was “quite optimistic” that ongoing talks between the warring sides would lead to a lasting ceasefire. Speaking midway through week-long talks, Stephanie Williams said the sides had also agreed to maintain “the current state of calm on the front lines and avoid any military escalation”.

“That is why I continue to be very optimistic that the parties here are going to reach a more lasting and permanent ceasefire,” she told a news conference at the U.N. in Geneva,usnews told. The first flights between Tripoli and the main eastern city Benghazi would resume this week, and the sides had agreed to make progress on an exchange of detainees, Williams said

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