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The only Mosque in North Korea

SHAFAQNA- Al-Rahman Mosque is the only Mosque in North Korea. Since North Korea is one of the closed countries, the question is how do Muslims, who are part of this society, perform their acts of worship? Al-Rahman Mosque in North Korea is the first and only Mosque in the country that is established by Shia Muslims in Pyongyang.

This Mosque is the fifth place of worship built in Pyongyang. This Mosque was built in 2013 and hosts all Muslims with different Islamic sects and religions. There is no Muslim minority in North Korea. Muslims in North Korea are limited to diplomats from embassies of Islamic countries and some foreign Muslim travelers.

An Indonesian citizen has taken pictures of the mosque, showing Muslims participating in the celebration outside the embassy.

Some Islamic countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iran, Malaysia and Pakistan have embassies in North Korea, and this mosque is the only mosque in this country where Muslims with different religious beliefs pray.

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