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Iraqi Minister of Health: We have all medicines to treat COVID-19

SHAFAQNA- The Iraqi Minister of Health stressed that despite the high cost of providing medicine, they have provided all the medicines needed to treat COVID-19. Iraqi Minister of Health, Hassan Al-Tamimi, stressed that all special drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 have been provided, despite its high costs. He said: “The government, with the necessary support from the Ministry of Health, created this opportunity to provide some other medicinal items in addition to the medicines needed during the outbreak of the coronavirus.”

Al-Tamimi added: “The actions of the Ministry of Health in the current crisis have been the increase of hospital beds and the opening of low-cost field hospitals in coordination with the guardians of the Holy Thresholds and other parties.” Iraqi Minister of Health, referring to the country’s economic problems due to declining oil sales, added: ” The Ministry of Health advised citizens to wear masks and take precautionary measures to provide opportunities for daily activities, but some reports indicate non-compliance in some malls and places. These centers must have thermometers and test for all clients, as well as masks and disinfectants. ”

He said: “The Ministry of Health has repeatedly stated that any citizen who goes to the hospital and has a positive corona virus test can go to public hospitals or special centers and receive free treatment.” Referring to the modernization and equipping of hospitals, he said that this action created an opportunity for government’s hospitals to receive clients and foreign medical teams, as more than 300,000 major surgeries have been performed. Previously, this had to be done abroad, but now the medical team can work inside the country and provide a lot of money for the ministry and reduce the suffering and problems of the citizens.

This news is translated by Shafaqna English.

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