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Can a non-recommended act turn into a Forbidden act?

SHAFAQNA- Can a non-recommended act turn into a Forbidden act? Here is an answer by Ayatollah Seyyed Adil Alawi, translated by Shafaqna. 

In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Firstly, some speakers when they speak on pulpits may mean that if the small non-recommended acts, the small sins that if one insists on them they have the ability to become bigger than the forbidden acts.

Secondly, what is not recommended (مكروه) is what Allah (SWT) dislikes even though it is allowed (مباح), [so] a true sincere servant of Allah (SWT) leaves these kinds of actions because he knows that Allah (SWT) dislikes it, and for this reason the close sincere servants of Allah (SWT) treat the non-recommended acts as forbidden acts. They treat those non-recommended acts as forbidden, however if one were to look at the jurisprudential view of these acts they are not forbidden.

Moreover, it is in these kind of special acts that a sincere servant of Allah (SWT) reaches the closer stages to Allah (SWT); they do not want to perform even the (مباح) the allowed actions so that they may make what is non-recommended, forbidden. Just as Allamah Al-hilli, may Allah (SWT) bless his soul, for 30 years he did not perform only which was obligatory and what was recommended (مستحب) and did not leave only which was forbidden and non-recommended and left the non-recommended as forbidden (حرام) as a verdict of forbidden and these actions are only of the (عارفين) knowing, close and sincere servants of Allah (SWT).

And the verdict of the non-recommended acts and the forbidden acts is like the son in the obedience of his father, some of them do not want to hurt their father even by doing the non-recommended acts and some of them do what the first son does which is to try to instill happiness into the heart of his father even in the recommended acts and whatever the father likes even though his father may approve of the acts. Therefore, who is closer to the fathers heart more, the first son or the second?

Likewise, is the same with the slave and his lord and the same with the believer and the Imam (A.S) of his time. Therefore, make your non-recommended actions at the level of the forbidden (Haram) actions more important. Ayatollah Seyyed Adil Alawy narrates a beautiful story in this regards from the life of the two great knowledgeable Seyyed brothers: Seyyed Sharif Al-Razi and Seyyed Murtaza (the flags of guidance). He says: “I have mentioned this story many times in my recorded and live lectures… how neither of the brothers thought of doing the non-recommended acts let alone acting on them, and this is how (تقوى) piety works from the (الخاص الخاص) specific to the specific as it is narrated from Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.) in (مصباح الشريعة) .  And Allah (SWT) is the one who grants success, and God is the best of helpers.


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