Date :Thursday, November 5th, 2020 | Time : 18:21 |ID: 179964 | Print

Iraqi president approved election law

SHAFAQNA- The Iraqi president signed the election law today (Thursday). Barham Salih is scheduled to speak on the election law this evening. In a speech during approving the election law, Barham Salih stated: “The need to meet the requirements of early elections; is based on the principles of clearness, integrity and justice in its various stages, including biometric registration and effective coordination between the Electoral Commission and the United Nations to monitor it.”

“Electoral corruption is a serious damage that threatens the peace and economic security of society, and this scourge must be stopped,” Salih added. He pointed out: The doubts and suspicions that were observed in the previous election process were the main reason for the unwillingness of citizens to participate in the elections, and this undermined citizens’ trust in the legitimacy of the government and the election process.

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