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A Bahraini prisoner’s health condition deteriorated in Al-Khalifa prison

SHAFAQNA- Bahraini activist Ali Mushima reported that the health of his father, Hassan Mushima, head of the Bahraini Right Movement has deteriorated.

He wrote on his Twitter page: “My father’s health deteriorated again and he was transferred to the emergency department of a military hospital and returned to prison after 6 hours. This is the second time that an artificial respiration device has been connected to him in the emergency department, and the real reason for this deterioration in health is not clear.”

Ali Mashima added: “My father said that the doctors suspected a stroke and after performing the examinations they did not reach a definite result, but they promised to refer him to a cardiologist in the coming days.” The Bahraini activist stated: “Last time, they promised to refer him to a specialist doctor, but they did not do so and his health condition worsened again.”

Regarding his father’s condition, Mashima said: “My father suffers from various diseases and his blood pressure and blood sugar are constantly rising, and he uses 4 insulins and pills daily. He has been waiting seven months for a cancer screening, and he has had hearing problems for four months without treatment, as well as chronic diseases that are life-threatening.”

It is worth noting that Hassan Mashima was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for his role and cooperation with other leaders in the February revolution in Bahrain. In that year, tens of thousands of citizens, most of them Shias, took to the streets calling for an elected government to end its policies of racism and harassment of Shia Muslims.

This news is originally published by Hawzah News Persian and translated by Shafaqna English 

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