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Quran 30:30

Thinking in a precise way: How to live an Islamic lifestyle (Part 5)

SHAFAQNA | by Mohamed Alnajjar: If we seek to live an Islamic lifestyle we must think in a precise way. We must only allow our thoughts to soar far within certain boundaries. We should not allow our brains to wander here and there. We first should only allow our brain to function and to think according to certain rules and directions.

In the preliminary seminary Hawza studies we first study the rules of (Nahw) which is grammar, then (Sarf) syntax, alongside these subjects for the first year of studies which also includes the study of logic (Mantiq). In order for us students of knowledge to think rationally we must study the subject of logic and understand it thoroughly. Just like how the tongue is restricted by the rules of grammar for speaking in Arabic, the same can be said about thinking rationally. And it is only through learning the rules of thinking that we can think correctly. There are examples of those who have learned the subjects of Arabic grammar, syntax, and logic however they still make mistakes in their speech and thinking; it is because they do not apply the rules hence they make mistakes.

In the same way that there are rules to reading, speaking, thinking and understanding properly, it will only make a difference if we apply these rules in a precise way. Hence, when we come to our thoughts and what thoughts we should try to put into action and which thoughts we should discard comes down to similar rules in other subjects.

For example, when we are driving a car and we see that there is a yellow light that comes before the red light that is indicating that you must slow down before coming to a complete stop. Hence, the rule of the yellow light means to keep caution and slow down, however you have some drivers who decide to press the gas pedal and try to pass the yellow light before the red light appears and sometimes they make it and sometimes they don’t and crash and cause an accident, because they did not apply the caution rule they ended up causing an accident that hurt themselves and possibly others. Sometimes the subtle decisions that we make may hurt us very badly or benefit us in an unexpected way.

When Allah (SWT) sent prophets and messengers with the holy divine books, then he sent the last and seal of all messengers and prophets and thereafter the Imams, they are all considered that yellow light that means we should apply caution before coming to a full stop which can be compared to death then the day of judgement. Therefore, if we want to achieve our goals we must understand what are those rules that will enable us to function in a precise way that would also teach us how to apply those rules that were given to us by Allah (SWT) through his holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he left us with the two weighty things his holy book and holy progeny and promised that they would never separate until the day of judgement.

Therefore in conclusion, if we want to become avid readers, writers, and thinkers we need to first educate ourselves on their specific rules and etiquette and only then we can do things in a precise way and achieve the objectives and goals that Allah (SWT) intended for us to reach.

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