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Reduction of tendency to church life across the world

SHAFAQNA- The world’s Catholic churches are experiencing a decline in the general inclination of the people toward church life and participation in religious services. As this trend of the shift in the attitude continues, the funding for these centers will with no doubt face difficulty.

According to Shafaqna, quoting Iqna and the cultural consulate of Iran in Italy, the statistical yearbook of the Catholic churches in the world shows a trend of the decrease in the tendency to church life. This declination is visible through indexes such as the decrease in the number of Catholics, bishops, priests, missionaries, nuns, the number of church ceremonies held and financial donations collected.

According to the statistics presented in this yearbook, in 2018, about 1 billion 328 million 993 thousand people out of 7.5 billion people in the world were Catholics. This indicates a decrease in the number of Catholics. The number of Catholics in the world has lessened by 25 million people compared to 2013 (the beginning of the activity of Pope Francis).

The number of bishops, priests, Catholic missionaries, and even nuns has declined similarly. The trend is especially visible in Europe, the Americas and Oceania. There are only relative increases in these numbers in Africa and Asia.

Statistics also show that the Catholic Church has 73,164 preschools, 103,146 elementary schools and 49,541 middle schools where about 6 million students study.

The Catholic church holds institutes such as: 5192 hospitals, 15481 pharmacies, 577 leprosy treatment centers, 15423 nursing homes for the elderly and the chronically and mentally disabled, 9,295 orphanages, 10,747 kindergartens, 12,515 marriage counseling centers, 3,225 education or rehabilitation centers. It also manages a community and 31,091 other institutions. As the tendency to live a church life continues to decline, especially in attending church services and donating to these centers, it will be difficult to finance these institutes.

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