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Afghanistan is at a crossroads for peace, more people are killed in war

SHAFAQNA- In Afghanistan, all of Afghans talk of peace, yet violence continues to kill, maim and displace.

“We know the scars this protracted war continues to leave on millions”, The International Committee of the Red Cross said. Decades of fighting have all but decimated the healthcare system. As COVID-19 rips across the country, millions of Afghans need health care more than ever.

The peace negotiations as they offer an opportunity for Afghanistan and its people to end decades of conflict. However, since the start of the peace talks world have seen hostilities intensify, with rising numbers of people wounded by weapons admitted to hospitals.

The International Committee of the Red Cross appeals to all parties to ensure civilians, health workers and health facilities are protected from attacks in line with international humanitarian law.

“peace talks must include humanitarian concerns. We encourage the parties to the conflict to reach agreements on specific issues that would help to alleviate the suffering of all those affected,” The International Committee of the Red Cross told.

Afghanistan is at a crossroads: ensuring the protection of people affected by the conflict and addressing their deep-rooted humanitarian needs is an essential precursor to peace, prosperity and self-reliance.

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