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‘Shia answers’ online course organized in Indonesia

SHAFAQNA- An Islamic center in Jakarta has put up an educational program to respond to Shia answers online. The Islamic Center of Jakarta, Indonesia, has organized educational programs on Islamic issues including a course titled “Shia answers”. The in-person educational programs of the center turned online during the coronavirus pandemic. The increasing number of Shias in the world, the origin of Shia thought, the role of Shias in development of sciences and answers to some doubts are among the themes of the course.

The wisdom of religion, hermeneutics, religious pluralism and “Introduction to Islamic Philosophy” are the other courses held by the center. The courses have been planned in line with the Indonesian government’s bid to develop reason-based and intellectual sciences to avoid extremism. “Introduction to Islamic Mysticism”, “Introduction to Wisdom”, “Religious Sociology” and “Islamic Jurisprudence” are the titles of some other online courses of the center. It also holds courses on Islamic ethics, consultation sessions for families, pre-marriage consultations, child psychology, Islamic studies, Islamic beliefs and courses for children which include stories, religious issues and the life of Ahlul-Bayt (AS).