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Saudi Arabia & Egypt top the most dangerous countries for journalists in 2020

SHAFAQNA- According to the annual survey of the International Committee to Protect Journalists, 2020 has become a more dangerous profession for journalists than in previous years, especially in the wake of the Corona epidemic and widespread social unrests, and the number of imprisoned journalists was more than last year.

The Covid-19 epidemic was new factor in increasing crackdowns on journalists, with so many journalists arrested for covering the epidemic and at least two of them died in prison after suffering from Corona disease.

According to the report, political unrests in 2020 resulted in the imprisonment of at least 10 journalists in Belarus, seven in Ethiopia, and the arrest of 110 journalists worldwide, and 300 others were raped and were attacked by police in the United States while covering protests.

The Washington Post editorial revealed that Saudi Arabia and Egypt, along with China, topped the list of the most dangerous countries for journalists in 2020, and that Turkey had been added to the list.

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