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Iran is ready to restore Sassanid monument in Iraq

SHAFAQNA- Ali Asghar Mounesan, the Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts in an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, referring to the Kasra arch in Iraq, said: “This monument has always been of great importance to us and we will definitely pursue the necessary actions to restore and revive this monument. I have always asked my colleagues to take the protection of these historic buildings seriously and heed more attention to these matters because this monument is not limited to one country and belongs to the history of the world and humanity.

He added: “Of course, Iraq has been less able to work in the field of cultural heritage due to the problems caused by the war.”

Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts stated that a group of cultural heritage experts are pursuing the accuracy of the collapse of  a part of the Kasra arch. He said: “After announcing the results of these studies and in case the funds needed are allocated by the Program and Budget Organization Iranian restoration experts will be sent to Iraq to restore this ancient arch if the government gives the approval.

He added: “We hope that a good and principled restoration will be done on this historical building by allocating a budget so that there will be no worry of collapse in this monumental building for several years.”

In recent days, some Iraqi activists on social media have posted pictures of the Kasra Arch in Baghdad, writing that a part of the roof of the monument has collapsed at the beginning of 2021. Some social networks in Iraq have also reported that part of the roof of the famous and ancient building, Kasra Arch, has collapsed in the Al-Madaen area of Baghdad.

Madaen is a city in Iraq. It holds valuable historical monuments of the Sassanid Empire, such as the Sassanid palace “Ivan Madaen” or “Kasra Arch”.

Ivan Madaen is located 30 km south of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and on the banks of the Tigris River, and is the most important surviving Sassanid monument.

The main arch of this palace, which is the tallest brick arch made by man, is 35 meters high, 25 meters wide and 50 meters long.
This palace was built by order of “Shapur I” who ruled the lands of the Sassanid Empire from 241 to 272 AD, with a view of yellow bricks and Parthian architecture. Kasra Arch is one of the architectural masterpieces of the ancient world and is even considered the largest known multiplicative arch in the world.

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