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Life of Afghan Kyrgyz People in Pamir Mountains

SHAFQANA- The Kyrgyz people are an ethnic minority in Afghanistan [1]. This ethnic group live in the foothills of the Pamir Mountains in Badakhshan Province, the last point in the northeastern part of Afghanistan at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters above sea level, known as the roof of the world.

According to Shafaqna Afghanistan news agency; this ethnic minority is said to have migrated to the region of the foothills of Pamir Mountains after the October Revolution in Russia. Some even came to the Pamirs after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This ethnic group’s religion is Islam, these people are Sunni Muslims. They speak the Kyrgyz language. They are also able to speak Persian to some extent.

The lives of the people of this region revolve around ranching of livestock and ranching is the main economic activity. Women are also the main part of the labor force. Unlike the majority of Afghan citizens, these people are not worried much about the security issues common in the country. They are alien to the sound of explosions and the news of suicide bombings; instead they are familiar with many other types of pain.

These people are deprived of the most basic citizenship facilities and rights, such as schools and hospitals. Rising maternal mortality due to lack of healthcare facilities has worried Kyrgyz people about the extinction of their generation in Afghanistan. For Kyrgyz people, opium, like water and food, is part of life under the tents; Not only men, but also women and even children are attached to the smoke of opium as a means in order to relieve their pain.

The inhabitants of the Pamirs are not familiar with the notions related to money. They sometimes give a sheep in exchange for a pair of shoes. There exists no telephones or cell phones in the roof of the world, but local people use a telecommunication way to communicate with each other. This is a  system that works at a distance of less than five hundred meters. Each of the devices for this telecommunication  has been purchased in exchange for a yeanling (a baby goat). Taking account of all these problems, the roof of the world now resembles in a stone cage that is stuck in the depths of problems. It seems that the cries of the people imprisoned in this stone cage are not heard.

Persian version [2]

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