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Reconstruction of Prophet Daniel’s (A.S) shrine in Mosul, Iraq

SHAFAQNA- The Endowment Office of Nineveh Province of Iraq [1]announced that the reconstruction of the shrine of the Prophet Daniel (A.S) has begun. This monument is located on the Tigris coast in the west of Mosul; this holy place was destroyed by ISIS in 2014.

Abu Bakr Kanaan, the Director of the Nineveh Province Endowment Office, said in a press conference: “The engineering department of the Nineveh Province Endowment Office and the Municipality of Nineveh, have started the reconstruction of the Daniel Prophet Grand Mosque. This mosque was exploded before the liberation of Mosul by the terrorist group ISIS.” “The removal of debris has been completed in order to proceed to the reconstruction and restoration of the Mosque.” he added.

In the last months of 2014, the ISIS terrorist group exploded this shrine during the capture of the old city of Mosul [2]. The Mosque of Prophet Daniel (AS), which used to be a Christian church, is located in an area called the neighborhood of Elyahud. This monument is considered as an old and ancient place. It is visited by visitors from neighboring countries and is called the Grand Mosque of Prophet Daniel (AS). It is officially registered in the Mosul Property Registry and Municipality. The monument consists of a Mosque, two domes and a spire, an arch and columns of which the architectural style dates back to the Mongol period.

Persian version [3]

Arabic version [4]

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