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London college offers course on Islam

SHAFAQNA- IQNA: The Islamic College in London has started a curse titled “Introduction to Islam”. The course, which started on Monday, will run until January 27, and includes six sessions. It is divided into 3 sections as follows:

Theology – Including the Islamic conception of God, the soul, and the afterlife; beliefs about scripture and revelation; Islamic views of other religions; and life’s big questions. Islamic History – How did Islam come into being, and how did it spread? Was Islam spread by the sword, and what civilizational legacy has Islam offered the globe?

Contemporary Issues – How has Islam responded to the challenges of modernity? Faith and modernity; new religious questions; Islam and political; Muslim movements; the portrayal of Islam in the media; and “hot topics” oftentimes associated with Muslims today.

Mohammad Zakaria, Amina Inloes, and Ahmad Haneef are the instructors of the course. The Islamic College was founded in 1998 to promote a new approach to the study of Islam and Muslims by providing a unique ‘insider’s perspective’ on Islam and fostering a non-sectarian outlook, according to its website.

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