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Sixth Annual Conference on Shia Studies: Call For Papers

SHAFAQNA- Islamic College of London invites abstracts to be submitted for the Sixth Annual Conference on Shia Studies which is planned to be held on March 13th, 2021. Abstract submission deadline is January 31st.

The Islamic College of London invites abstracts to be submitted for its Sixth conference on Shia Studies. This conference provides a broad platform for scholars in Shia Studies to share their latest research. Papers are welcome on any aspect of Shia Studies. According to the announcement, this year’s conference will be held online. This opportunity will allow for a broader participation of researchers from around the world. To see a short video and to find out more about the previous conferences, visit:

http://www.islamic-colleges.ac.uk/publications/shiistudies [1]

Suggested topics include:

Contemporary issues
Law and Jurisprudence
Shia studies in the Hawzah
Shia studies in the university
Quran and hadith studies
Anthropological studies
Shia minorities
Shiism and orientalism
Authority in Shiism
Inter-religious, cross-disciplinary, or comparative studies
Shia sects, past and present
Shia Manuscripts
Shiism in Art