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Iraq discusses stay of American troops with Biden administration

SHAFQANA- Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said today (Saturday) that his country would soon ask the new US administration, Joe Biden, to introduce a negotiating team to discuss the survival of its troops in Iraq.

During a speech at the Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies in Baghdad, Hussein said: “Soon we will ask the new US administration to continue strategic dialogue meetings and appoint a negotiating team, and we will discuss security and military issues related to the stay of US forces in Iraq.”

In 2014, at the request of the Iraqi government, about 5,000 Americans were sent to various parts of Iraq as part of an international coalition to fight the ISIS terrorist group.

In recent years, the United States has withdrawn some of its troops from Iraq, but there are no official figures on the number and equipment of US forces still present in the country.

Last August, Baghdad and Washington agreed to withdraw US troops from Iraq within three years.

The Iraqi parliament voted early last year to end the military presence of foreign forces, including the United States.

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