Date :Sunday, February 7th, 2021 | Time : 05:13 |ID: 197571 | Print

German woman converts to Islam in Imam Reza’s (AS) holy shrine

SHAFAQNA- Globe Razavi: on the night of Hazrat Zahra’s (SA) birth anniversary, a young German woman has converted to Islam in Imam Reza’s (AS) holy shrine.

Reciting words of testimony (Shahadatain) in her first visit to Imam Reza’s (AS) holy shrine, the German lady made her conversion to Islam and chose Fatima as her new name. Making a conscious choice following meetings with holy shrine’s experts, she converted to Islam in a special ceremony exactly at a place she liked to make her conversion to take place. The ceremony also observed offering of cultural gifts including religious books and the holy Quran in German translation by AQR Office for Foreign Pilgrims’ Affairs.


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