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How many pilgrims really lost their lives in Mecca – Lies and deceptions

SHAFAQNA – As the Islamic community is still coming to grip with the extent of the Mina tragedy, more reports have come out pointing to a grand deception on the part of Saudi Arabia.

Hoping to dispel allegations King Salman failed short of his responsibility, Saudi officials have been keen to downgrade the gravity of the accident, claiming only a few hundreds lost their lives.

As it happens this number has been grossly underestimated.

The head of Iran’s Hajj organisation, Said Ohadi, expressed his belief that the number of victims in the Mina stampede incident in Saudi Arabia, which took place on the first day of Eid Al-Adha, reached at least 4,700.

In an interview on Iranian TV yesterday, Ohadi said that 228 Iranian pilgrims died in Mina, adding that “the number of missing Iranians, with no information about their whereabouts, has reached 248, and we are afraid that the death toll could rise even more.”

Ohadi said that at least 3,000 bodies are still inside 21 trucks, and they are waiting to be diagnosed and evacuated.

The Saudi Health Minister Khalid Bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih had announced on Saturday that the number of deaths which resulted from the Mina stampede has increased to 769 pilgrims, while the number of those injured rose to 934.

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