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Photos: Forumad Grand Mosque

SHAFAQNA- Forumad Grand Mosque is one of the ancient buildings of Forumad  village in Miamei city of Semnan province in Iran.

This Mosque belongs to the 13th century AD and the reign of the Khwarazmian Empire. Forumad Mosque is one of the few mosques in the construction of which detailed plastering, beautiful patterns and exquisite tiles dating from the fourth to seventh centuries AH have been used. This is the reason behind the importance of this Mosque amongst the unique and artistic historical monuments of Iran.

According to some reports, this building was built on the ruins of a fire temple and was expanded during the Ilkhani period and its decorations were added. This valuable building is one of the first historical buildings in Semnan province and is considered to be one of the artistic wonders of Iran.

Forumad Mosque has two altars. According to experts, one of the altars had a cool atmosphere and was to be used in hot summer weather while the other altar was designed to be used in winter. The Forumad Grand Mosque was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on the 10th of June in 1942 under the number 345.

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