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#2 Community Ramadhan Reflections – Qudsiyah Remtulla


SHAFAQNA – On a stormy and windy day, nature’s grounding is put to the test. The branches struggle to hold on to the tree, the leaves watch the other fall to the ground far away, the birds are seen to sway in direction because of the power of the wind.

As human beings, we may think that we can withstand this force of wind. We may be able to, in the physical sense. But what of the inner storm and the inner force of wind that is caused by external factors? Will our hearts sway or will they remain grounded? Will they hold on to the branch of Allah’s hope or let go?

Is Ramadan not the opportunity to strengthen our grounding. Is Ramadan not a launchpad for the rest of the months? Is Ramadan not the training ground to make us fit for the battles through the rest of the year?

Qudsiyah Remtulla

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