2000 Quran Translations Handed Out in London

SHAFAQNA- More than 2000 free translations of the Holy Quran in English, along with the original Arabic, were distributed in London.

The program was implemented by the office of the Muslim World League in the British capital, Sabaq website reported.

It came on the occasion of the UN Arabic Language Day, which is observed annually on December 18.

Those who received the translations were also given a rose and a postcard.

30 young boys and girls volunteered to distribute the Quran copies, roses and postcards.

The UN Arabic Language Day was established by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2010 “to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six of its official working languages throughout the organization”.

December 18 was chosen as the date for the Arabic language as it is “the day in 1973 when the General Assembly approved Arabic as an official UN language.”


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