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Ammar Hakim: The Grand Ayatollah Sistani & Pope meeting strengthens Najaf & Vatican role

SHAFAQNA- The Leader of the Iraqi National Wisdom Movement (Al-Hikmah) said: “We eagerly look forward to the historic visit of Pope Francis to Iraq, and we hope this visit to be part of a benevolent effort aimed at strengthening the foundations of peace, love and solidarity in our dear country.”

We also consider his historic meeting with the Grand Ayatollah Sistani to be a landmark event that strengthens the role of Najaf Ashraf and the Vatican in building bridges between the followers of different religions and tribes around the world.

The Leader of the Iraqioon Coalition added: “We hereby, invite all official parties and popular activists to be fully prepared for this historic event and use this opportunity to emphasize once again that Christians are one of the poles of religious diversity in Iraq and we are proud of them and we have always insisted that they should achieve their rights in citizenship and a dignified life, along with other sections of Iraqi society.”

This news is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English

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