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How to cure hypocritical behaviour?

SHAFAQNA – As the illness of hypocritical behaviour is anti-sincerity, so this illness must be cured with the healing medicine of sincerity (Ikhlas). The light of sincerity will be lit in the heart which is purified from turbidity of greed, over-ambition, hypocrisy (Nifaq), and weak belief in Divine Favours; as they are the sources of hypocritical behaviour. In a Divine Hadith (narration), Allah (SWT) said: “Sincerity, is a secret from God’s secrets, and is deposited in the hearts of God’s servants whom Allah (SWT) loves them [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 53, Page 356; Munitul Moreed, Page 133.

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