Date :Monday, March 1st, 2021 | Time : 20:47 |ID: 201062 | Print

Indian gavernment urged to provide refuge to 81 Rohingya Muslims adrift at sea

SHAFAQNA- Human Rights Watch and Rohingya refugees in India called on the government to provide refuge to 81 Rohingya  Muslims whose boat has been drifting in the Andaman Sea for over two weeks.

Since last month, India has been providing food, medical and technical aid to Rohingya crammed on a fishing boat that was found drifting in international waters after it left southern Bangladesh. The Rohingya had hoped to reach Malaysia but the boat’s engine developed technical snags.

Eight people on board the boat have died and many of the 81 survivors are sick and suffering from extreme dehydration, having run out of food and water four days into their journey. India’s coast guard has repaired the vessel but was not permitting it to enter Indian waters, and instead wanted it to return to Bangladesh, Reuters reported.


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