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How should the Islamic society be like?

SHAFAQNA – In Islamic and Divine Teachings, the effects of kindness, helping/sharing in good deeds with piety (Taqwa), Sadaqah (charity) and spending for the sake of God (Infaq) have been mentioned a lot in holy verses of the Quran and narrations. In one narration (Hadith), it is narrated from the sixth Shia Imam, Ja’afar Al-Sadeq (AS) who said [1]: It is appropriate for Muslims to try to connect (join) to each other, their hearts get close together, and they become kind to one another and help the needy, and they become so kind to each other to become the proof of this Divine Command ‘Rohama-u-Baynahum’ (compassionate among each other-Ayah 29 Surah Al-Fat’h); yes, the believers are like these [2].

[1] Al-kafi, Vol. 2, page 174.

[2] Akhlaqe Rabbani, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani (RA), Vol., Page 189.

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