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France: Catholic Church abused up to 10,000 children

SHAFAQNA- The head of an independent enquiry looking into child abuse within the Catholic Church in France said Tuesday that that the number of victims could reach at least 10,000 since 1950. Jean-Marc Sauve, Head of a Commission set up by the Catholic church, said that a previous estimate in June last year of 3,000 victims “is certainly an underestimate.” “It’s possible that the figure is at least 10,000,” he added at a press conference where he delivered an update on the commission’s work.

Allegations against priests and senior Catholic figures have lead to pay-outs and prosecutions worldwide, as well as changes to church doctrine. In May 2019, Pope Francis passed a landmark new measure obliging anyone in the Church who knew about sex abuse to report it to their superiors, France 24 reported.

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