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Al-Khalifa seeks revenge on families of Bahraini martyrs

SHAFAQNA- The father of two other martyrs and the brother of one of the martyrs were summoned to the Bahraini police station today after the arrest of Abdul Hadi Mashimaa, the father of Ali Mashimaa, the first martyr of the Bahraini revolution last week, and his sentence of three years in prison.

Abdul Hadi Mashimaa has been arrested for participating in the activities of the anniversary of the revolution in 2019. Mashimaa, who suffers from chronic diabetes, contacted his family from Houz Al-Jaf prison and reported that some people in prison were infected with Corona disease, adding: “Prison officials do not provide him with medication for his disease on a regular basis, which has worsened his condition and increased his chances of being affected by Coronavirus.”

After the martyrdom of his son, Mashimaa has been repeatedly summoned, detained and harassed over the past 10 years. According to Bahraini legal activists, the fact that Abdul Hadi Mashimaa is constantly targeted as as a father of a detainee and that the judge in his case opposed replacing his sentence with another age-appropriate punishment reflects a policy of discrimination and revenge in the security and judiciary system of Bahrain.

Bahraini activists also reported this morning that the father of the martyr “Sayyid Hussein Sayyid Ahmad”, the father of the executed martyr “Abbas Al-Sami” and the brother of the executed martyr “Sami Mashimaa” were summoned to police stations for investigation and interrogation and their fate is unknown and there are fears of their arrest.

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