2014 sees death of nearly 8500 Iraqis

According to United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Flavia Pansieri, the exact number is much higher.

SHAFAQNA- At least 8,493 people have been killed so far this year as a result of violent attacks In Iraq, Press TV reports.

The death toll in Iraq since January 2014 only includes those tolled and documented by the United Nations, the report said.

Half of the above mentioned Iraqis were killed in the months of June, July and August.

As the ISIL Takfiri group continues its crimes in the crisis-hit country, the situation there gets worse.

“The ISIL is not an organization or a political party that can be held accountable for its actions. It is a terrorist group which does not recognize human rights and international regulations,” Mohammad Ghomashini, from Iraqi Kurdistan Human Rights Commission, said.

In addition to killing Iraqi people, the terrorist group has wreaked heavy destruction on the infrastructure and historical sites in Iraq.

Last year was declared a bloody year in Iraq with more than 8000 people killed by the end of the year. Chances are high that this year will see more bloodshed in Iraq.

Over the past weeks, Iraqi army troops and volunteer forces have killed a large number of Takfiri terrorists in their mop-up operations across the Arab country.

The ISIL terrorists currently control large swathes of territory across Syria and Iraq. They have carried out heinous atrocities in both countries, including mass executions and beheadings of people.



Source: Press TV



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