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How important is the blessing of having a mother?

SHAFAQNA – The great Shia Scholar the late Sheikh Mortaza Ansari (RA), who was one of the most famous Mojtahids of his time, and his books are among the most accurate ones in theology schools, used to carry his mother on his back from home to public bath and waited there until she came out, and then carried her back home. Every night used to go and see his mother and kissed her hands, and in the mornings used to ask her mother’s permission before going out of the house.

After his mother passed away, Sheikh Ansari (RA) used to cry hard and said: I cry because I have been deprived from a very important blessing such as serving my mother. After his mother’s death, by working hard, teaching and serving people Sheikh Ansari (RA) performed all the Salaats for the entire life of his mother, even though his mother was a very righteous Muslimah [1].

[1] Nezam-e-Khanevadeh dar Islam, Hussain Ansarian, Qom, Vol. 1, P470 onwards.

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