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Pope Francis: Weapons should be silenced & God’s name should not be used to justify killing and terrorism

SHAFAQNA- The world’s Catholic Leader, Pope Francis, has addressed a delegation of Iraqi diplomats who met in Baghdad to greet him.

Pope Francis stated: I am grateful for the opportunity to come to Iraq, the cradle of civilization. “We must adhere to the values ​​of peace and coexistence,” Pope Francis said. “Iraq has suffered a lot from terrorism and sectarian strife,” he said. “The international community must play a key role in strengthening peace in Iraq and throughout the Middle East,” he said.

He added: “We learn from racial, religious and cultural diversity. Over the past decades, Iraq has suffered from the catastrophe of wars and the scourge of terrorism.” Pope Francis said that the name of God should not be used to justify killing and terrorism because God created human beings equally.

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