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Hakim: Pope’s trip is a turning point in restoring Iraq’s spiritual status

SHAFAQNA- Seyyed Ammar Hakim, the Leader of Iraq’s National Wisdom Movement, appreciated all those involved in the realization of Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq.

According to Shafaqna, the full text of the message is as follows:

In the current atmosphere of Iraq, which hosted Pope Francis, we consider it necessary to thank all those who took part in the realization of this historic event in Iraq and the Pope’s visit to the historic city of Ur and various churches in Baghdad and Mosul and holding the Lord’s Supper and his meeting with the Supreme Religious Authority the Grand Ayatollah Sistani and the brilliant image that was formed of the importance of peace and tolerance in human life and the importance of the role of leaders in the management of pluralism and coexistence.

Regarding the naming of the Day of “Peace and Tolerance”, Hakim said: “We appreciate the choice of March 6 as the Day of “Peace and Tolerance” in Iraq and emphasize that the Pope’s visit is a turning point in restoring the spiritual status of Iraq as a source of Abrahamic and other religions.”

The leader of the Iraq’s National Wisdom Movement added: “We also take this opportunity to inform the government about the need to pay attention to the dimensions of tourism in Dhi Qar province and other historic cities in Iraq and to prepare a plan to introduce, promote and create tourist destinations to attract foreign tourists. Iraq is full of religious, historical and ancient attractions that can make it a destination for many nations of the world.”

This news is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English

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