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Pope Francis to travel to Lebanon

SHAFAQNA- The world’s Leader of Catholics, while returning to Rome by plane, announced in an interview that in the near future he will travel to Lebanon, a country in pain and crisis.

Pope Francis, the world’s Catholic Leader, revealed today (Monday) on a plane bound for Rome from Iraq that his next trip will be to Lebanon. “Lebanon is in crisis and has weaknesses due to diversity, but it has the power of the people,” Pope Francis said. “Lebanon is a message. Lebanon is in pain. Lebanon has weaknesses due to diversity, some of which have not yet reconciled, but have the power of an allied nation,” he added.

The Pope announced: Peter Al-Rai (Archbishop of the Maronite Christian Church of Lebanon) asked me to stop in Beirut during this trip. In my opinion, the issue was small compared to what Lebanon is suffering from. I wrote him a letter and promised to visit Lebanon. Lebanon is in crisis today and I do not want to blame anyone here because it is an existential crisis. My next trip will be to Lebanon.

Pope Francis left Iraq on Monday morning after his first three-day visit to Iraq, and the pope bid farewell was held at Baghdad International Airport in the presence of Iraqi President Barham Salih, his wife and a number of Iraqi senior officials.

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