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Why did Pope choose house of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) for his speech?

SHAFAQNA- The Leader of the world’s Catholics spoke about the common history and peaceful coexistence of religions in the historical land of Ur, part of which is attributed to the house of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) .

Iraq has been embroiled in Saddam’s dictatorship, the US invasion and the presence of ISIS for years, and has long been at the forefront of the war news. But what can not be forgotten is the history and antiquity of this land. A country where archaeologists say is the spiritual land of all religions.

In Mesopotamia, part of the territory of present-day Iraq, lies an ancient civilization, and these days it has become popular again with the visit of Pope Francis to this region. But in which ancient region of Iraq did the Catholic Christian Leader of the world present and give a speech? Ur.

More than 6,000 years ago, Ur emerged as one of the world’s first major urban centers, and centuries later became the hub of the global economy at the time, with mass-produced carpets and woollen garments for export in Mesopotamia and abroad. Ur is the first land where wheels were invented, the Hammurabi code of laws was first written there, and oil was burned for the first time in this land as a source of energy.

Ur, also called Tall Al-Muqayyar, has been one of the most important archaeological sites throughout history. In July 2016, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inscribed Ur on the World Heritage List.

In 1922, Sir Leonard Woolley, a British archaeologist, found royal tombs in Ur that corresponded to the Pharaonic pyramids. The Sumerians were interested in building temples out of mud and asphalt. An ancient ziggurat, or an area with terrace still stands in Ur and is one of the oldest pyramids of Mesopotamian civilization. Historical documents indicate that the house of the Prophet Abraham (PBUH) was located in this place.

“During the excavation in the ancient city of Ur in 2007, we found about 100 bredes containing important ancient texts,” Mustafa Al-Husseini, an Archaeologist based in Nasiriyah, told Al Jazeera. He added: “When we read the texts with the help of the American University of Stony Brook, it was discovered that these tablets are from a miniature library, I discovered about 45 of them.

Why was the city of Ur chosen for the Pope’s presence?

Explaining why Ur is important to Christians, Jews and Muslims, Amer Abdul Razzaq, director of the Museum of Nasiriyah Civilization, said: Ur is the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham (PBUH) and this is mentioned in the Torah and the Bible, and for this reason, all religions consider him as their spiritual father.

Therefore, visiting his homeland is one of the most important religious rites of Christian pilgrimage. The Bible says that a city called Ur, the birthplace of Abraham (Ibrahim in Arabic), is the patriarch of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions, believed to have lived in the second millennium BC.

Abdul Razzaq believes: “Because Ur is the birthplace of Ibrahim, it is an important place for all people around the world and all religions.” Visiting this place is very important for Christian pilgrimage. “Terrorism and violence have not arisen from religion,” he said.

During his excavations in the early 20th century, Wooli found a cylindrical seal near a ziggurat bearing the name of Ibrahim (Abraham). This led him to believe that the complex had been the home of Abraham since about 1900 BC. Pope Francis said in a special ceremony called “Prayer of Religions” with the presence of representatives of different Iraqi religions in the historic city of Ur, referring to the house attributed to Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the coexistence of different religions in this land: Terrorism and violence did not arise from religion, but He has abused religion.

It was from here that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) looked at the sky and we should look at the sky and ask for help from the sky while we are on earth. Pope Francis added that Abraham, as the father of the divine prophets, began his journey from here, a journey that was a “journey of peace” and that we, who have a common history of peaceful coexistence, should work together.

He continued that brotherhood leads us to a peaceful life and we should not forget the good songs of man and the message of peace and brotherhood. The Leader of the Catholics of the world pointed out that from here (the historic city of Ur) was the land of our father Abraham (AS), where faith and monotheism began.

This news is originally published by IRNA Persian and translated by Shafaqna English

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